The Honey Beans (Oloyin)


Beans, what are they? A Brown seed? A giant beanstalk waiting to happen?
Nope. HERE IS THE SECRET OF THE HONEY BEAN (Oloyin) AND THE BROWN BEAN FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Honey Beans are high in Protein great for the building, and repair of body tissues among other things. Beans contain very complex carbohydrates for energy and protein. Because of this, beans are digested slowly, which helps keep blood glucose stable.
It helps lower cholesterol thereby lowering the risk of heart disease. YAAY! (We could all use that peace of mind knowing there is still good food out there) Brown Beans contains folate, for body tissues that have fast cell production and turnover, such as your bone marrow
Honey Beans also contains potassium (for the proper function of all cells in the body). Healthy adults need at least 2000 milligrams per day, and 1cup of beans provide over 2296 milligrams.
Aside from proteins and fiber, beans contain a powerhouse of nutrients including, vitamins and minerals, such as copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc.
What we should call this is the Miracle Food.
This awesome boss can be used to create tacos, a nice Bean Chili, Burritos, and many more foods.
Besides beans are tasty so what have you got to lose?
The Brown Bean is often served in soups, chili, chowders, stews, and salads. It’s Famous!
Beans can be used as Pie weights, to keep bubbles from forming in your pie crust. See? Very useful.
Ugonwa’s offers you these taste bud pleasers. Make sure to pop in and treat yourself.

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