Plantain Chips: “It’s genesis and remarkable impact in the global food industry”

Plantain chips, a beloved snack enjoyed by millions around the world, have a rich history that stretches back centuries. These crispy, savory slices of fried or baked plantains have not only become a staple in many diets but have also had a significant impact on the global food industry. In this write-up, we will explore … Read more

Camphor – A million dollar value!

“My mother was a nurse, and in her era, most diseases weren’t understood; people put mustard plasters on knees and rubbed camphor on your chest if you had a cough, and they did funny things to you if you had tuberculosis – All these things that really made very little difference once proper treatments were … Read more

What the H-E-C-K is a serum?!!

…and do you need one? Let’s see… ·         Face looking a bit uhmm? Drenching it with fast-acting, Vitamin C-packed serum promises to bring back the brightness you’ve been missing in an instant (plus brilliant long-term results when you stick with it). ·         Dry, lack lustre skin? A serum’s calming treatment generates an attention-grabbing visual effect … Read more

A Holistic Approach to Moringa Usage

1.           Bridging the nutrition gap While malnourishment, undernourishment and hunger are used inter-changeably, WHO (World Health Organization) defines malnutrition as: deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. The term malnutrition addresses 3 broad groups of conditions: undernutrition, which includes wasting (low weight-for-height), stunting (low height-for-age) and … Read more

The Super Green Food – MORINGA!

1. The Super Green Food – MORINGA! Moringa, a native to Africa and Asia also goes by the name, “miracle tree”, “the green super food”, “never die”, the latter being the name so called because of its ability to grow in dry soils and in any condition ensuring sustainability in the regions where it’s prevalent. … Read more

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