Siluriformes1! So wonderful! Know what I’m talking about? no? Alright, enough with the scientific terms; Catfish! So wonderful! That taste mm-mmm-mm!
The facts have it, This is one healthy Cat, I mean Fish! Yes, it is!
200 grams of the fish will amount to 288 calories! Which should keep you up and running, but not down with the extra weight! 288 calories should be burned, with just some normal daily exercise, The calories should burn off! Also, it is an amazing, great source of anti-inflammatory omega 3s, and a superb source of protein.
200g will amount to 14.4g of fat, Basically nothing at all! Compared to the 36g of protein it offers, This fish, is a super fish! Some species can stay above water for a fair amount of time, also since you might be craving for some Catfish, you don’t have to go out to a river to catch. Luckily Ugonwa’s already has these whisker fish wonders frozen and ready to be shipped to you! No slime to deal with, until your ready to cook.

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