Natural Long Grain Parboiled rice


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One cup of cooked parboiled rice is very rich in niacin – for healthy heart and optimized body metabolism, provides 41 grams of total carbohydrates, or about one-third of the recommended daily intake of 130 grams. The same portion has 1.4 grams of fiber, which supplies 4 percent of men’s and 6 percent of women’s daily fiber. Parboiled rice has double the fiber than you’d get from cooked white rice. It has a low glycemic score of 38, compared with a high 89 for white rice, notes Harvard Health Publications. A low glycemic score indicates that the carbohydrates in parboiled rice do not cause a large spike in blood sugar.

Our Natural Long Grain Parboiled Rice – 20kg provides every thing you need at an economic size and great price.


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Weight2000 g
ParExcellence Parboiled Rice

20kg, 40kg

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    Natural Long Grain Parboiled rice
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