The Tomato, the fruit we all love just look at it’s statistics-when you wanted to make spaghetti with bolognese who was there for you? The Tomato. When you needed a healthy, but tasty snack? The Tomato!!. This fruit is just the powerup you need!

When you cook other foods with this game-changer and you want to make sure there aren’t too many calories, the mighty Tomato is ready to assist you, a cup of raw, sliced Tomatoes are just 32 calories. Yes, you just read that, 32 calories.

That same cup of miraculous fruit 2.2g of fibre to keep your muscles strong.

Also, Tomatoes are packed with vitamin C.

Tomatoes are delicious, there is no doubt about that but that really depends on the kind of tomatoes you prefer;

  • Red beefsteak Tomatoes are the standard red beauties that you’ll Grill, then slap on a hamburger or in a sandwich.
  • Cherry Tomatoes are the oval-shaped bite-sized ones that you might put in a salad, Or in a container, you can take to work or school, for a snack. This Tomato is a bit sweeter than your normal Tomato.
  • Roma Tomatoes are low in water which is why they are perfect candidates for canning especially because they are so firm.

Ugonwa’s has a huge assortment of power-up red bombs to replenish your health, and excite your taste buds. When you open that tab for Ugonwa’s, you open a giant chest full of awesome. Treat yourself! Peace.

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