What the H-E-C-K is a serum?!!

…and do you need one? Let’s see…

·         Face looking a bit uhmm?

Drenching it with fast-acting, Vitamin C-packed serum promises to bring back the brightness you’ve been missing in an instant (plus brilliant long-term results when you stick with it).

·         Dry, lack lustre skin?

A serum’s calming treatment generates an attention-grabbing visual effect that’s your skin super fresh!

·         Pesky dark spots, and unwanted wrinkles? Glycolic acid + glycerine + hyaluronic acid equals a much younger, fresher looking skin.

 ·         A one stone, two birds kind of girl? Then this serum that doubles as a hydrating and smoothing serum will be your jam. You’ll be left with a golden glow that lasts a few days—or forever if you keep up with using the stuff.

 ·         Winter induced thirsty skin? A mega dose of moisture that will prevent it from feeling parched for a full day. The non-greasy formula is infused with extracts and a blend of antioxidants that help to restore your skin’s natural barrier and calm sensitivity, too.

 ·         Need to brighten up dull skin? Slathering your face with this illuminating serum hybrid packed with potent vitamin C. It absorbs quickly and leaves behind smoother and more luminous skin.

 ·         Lots of drinks of water and a constantly running humidifier aren’t doing the job for your parched skin? Douse it with this seriously hydrating serum.  You’ll never regret it!

 ·         Has your skin doubled-down on sabotaging your selfies with fine lines and zits at the same time? Use serum solution to fight  back on two fronts—softening wrinkles, while also battling the spots.

 ·         Oops! Has the sun been mean to you, and pollution has been a pretty nasty adversary for your skin?  The plant extract in serums help minimize the damage done by all the grime floating around.

 ·         Softening and sagging in the jawline? A sure sign of aging –  Serums are concentrates that targets those specific concerns to keep everything nice and tight.

What is serum?
Serum is a skincare product you can mix with your beauty regimen and use (or apply directly to your skin (see manufacturers directions)) after cleansing, but before moisturizing or mixed in your cream or moisturizer, with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, stretchmark, varicose and green veins. Goodbye, signs of aging and skin imperfections!

Is serum a (traditional) moisturizer?
Yes and no. Serums can be a host of moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramides) to help skin retain moisture. Now, that doesn’t make them moisturizers in the traditional sense. Face lotions and creams are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin keeping all that good stuff in.

How often should I use my serum?
Well, this all depends on the type of serum, and the manufacturer’s instructions. Kindly read the label. However, once a day will probably cover your bases.

What’s the difference between serum and face oil?
Great question! Traditional serums are water-based. Though, as the face oil trend grows (and there are more and more oils on the market), more oils are marketed as ‘serums.’ Use whichever works for you.  “You have the water-based serums and the oil-based serums. Water-based serums go under the cream and they are so important. They nourish the inner layer of the skin because the molecule is very small so it penetrates.  The oil-based serums go on top of the moisturizer because they have a bigger molecule. They’re supposed to keep the cream and whatever you put underneath moist during the entire day.


 Very pricey…eh?!

Yes, serums tend to be on the pricier end of the skincare spectrum. But for a pretty decent reason! Remember that bit about being super concentrated and potent? You are getting your bang for your buck here…

Doesn’t serum expire really fast?
Certain potent ingredients often found in serum can become unstable once they come in contact with air. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), for instance, can oxidize and lose efficacy over time. But thanks to science, modified versions of the ingredient (that are water-soluble, etc.) last longer so they can do your skin more good. Best rule of thumb is to store your vial in a cool, dry place (obviously) and use it up within six months to a year.

Is serum right for your skin?
Probably. Get to know your ingredients first. If you’re…
Acne-prone: Look for vitamin C (increases collagen production, enhances skin’s repair process, and reduces inflammation), retinol (also an antioxidant, reduces inflammation), zinc (soothes irritation, regulates oil production), and salicylic acid (unclogs pores).

Dry: Look for vitamin E (an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage), niacinamide (improves skin elasticity, increases ceramide levels in skin), glycolic acid (gently exfoliates and lightens discoloration), and hyaluronic acid (retains moisture).

Feeling dull: Look for antioxidants like green tea extract, resveratrol, ferulic acid (these combat free radicals, increase effectiveness of sunscreen by day, and promote cellular repair and healing by night).

A word of caution: Because serums are super potent, more is not always better. Be careful before piling it on. Powerful ingredients can irritate sensitive skin. Always patch-test accordingly.

Do you have any recommendations?
Why certainly:

Our Bel Eclat lightweight moisturizing serum for skin and body, contains a higher concentration of hyaluronic, glycolic acid and vitamin C. Add it to your face cream and body lotion to manage uneven skin coloration, wrinkles, stretch marks, varicose and

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