Product Listings Terms


Listing Usage
1. The client can list as many products of different categories with the Service Provider (Ugonwa’s)
2. Each product category is listed as a new subscription
3. The client may come across contents such as reviews, postings from end-users
of the product, that may appear as inappropriate while using our services; we
make no representations concerning contents posted by the end users or third
parties on our platform. The client release us from all liability related to the
4. The Client agree to indemnify and hold harmless Service provider against any
claims of loss or damage arising from the delivery of the services covered by this
service delivery agreement by third party delivery services
5. The Client and Service Provider will treat all information related to this service
delivery agreement as proprietary and confidential. No information shall be
disclosed to third parties without prior knowledge from both parties.
6. All other aspects of this agreement shall remain in full effect, and any update or
changes to the terms will be communicated before the next billing cycle to the
7. The Client will communicate updates to product information, 2 weeks prior to the
next billing cycle
8. Any dispute involving Client and Ugonwa’s or any of the parties’ agents shall be
resolved through individual arbitration.
9. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Alberta and Federal laws of

Pricing and Payment
In consideration of the services listed above, the Client shall pay the Service Provider
(Ugonwa’s) fees as described in the table below:
1. Listing Fee:
Product listing fee at Ugonwa’s is a monthly $10 + 5% GST ($10.50). Monthly recurring
payment will be on the first of every month.

Suspension or Termination of Service
1. By Client
The client can terminate subscription and or account, 7 days before the next
subscription cycle. Such termination will result in the deactivation and or deletion
of the product listed on the site
2. By Ugonwa’s
Ugonwa’s reserves the right to terminate contract in case of abuses at its sole

Ugonwa’s cannot and does not represent or warrant that it’s site or server will be error
free, uninterrupted or otherwise meet your requirements

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